Yellow Creole Potato


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    Originally from Colombia, the yellow creole potato is a yellow thin skin tuber.  This product is an excellent source of proteins, carbohydrates, potassium, vitamins and minerals.  The yellow creole potato is an exotic product considered as “gourmet”.

    Technical specifications Yellow Creole Potato

    • Innocuous product whose organoleptic characteristics (smell, color, texture, aroma and flavor) are preserved for a two-year period of time.
    • Must be preserved at a temperature of -18C°.  Do not refreeze.
    • Scientific nameSolanum Phureja

    Suggested recipe:

    The yellow creole potato can be prepared in the oven, microwave, deep fryer and frying pan.  This product can be used as:

    • Side dish for white and red meats
    • Ingredient for soups
    • Snack

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