ISO 28000

Certificación ISO 28000

ISO 28000 is a global supply chain security management standard that was developed to allow companies and organizations to apply the standard to supply chains of different degrees of complex.  This standard was published by ISO in 2005, revised and re-edited on 2007.

The rules specify the requirements for a security system, including the critical characteristics that guarantee the supply chain security, such as: financial aspects, manufacture, information system, packing facilities, storage area and merchadise transfer among places through different modes of transport.

HACCP Certification

Certificación HACCP

Hazard analysis and critical control points

The HACCP is a scientific preventive approach to food safety that allows the risk identification and the mesurements to reduce them to a safe level.  In this manner, HACCP certifies food innocuousness and represents a tool to evaluate the risks and to establish preventive control systems.

  • Certification number: CO11/4322
  • Scope: tuber production; whole/cut, precooked and/or frozen IQF fruits and vegetables from the raw material receipt to the dispatch of final product.

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